The name used to be simply “School of Missions” until when the Hausa version was created known as the “Hausa School of Missions”, then to distinguish between the two, it is called the English School of Mission (ESOM). It had its location from 1982 – 2012 in a desert-like environment in the rocks of GanaRopp…

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It began as a mustard seed as far back as 1978. Then it was simply a training programme for evangelists both for the body of Christ and also for the missionary outreaches that were carried out at that time.

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Nature Of The Training

The distinguishing aspect of the programme is its cross-cultural nature. Men and Women are prepared to leave the familiar environment of their cultures and comfort and enter the world…

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The Goal of English SOM

The Philosophy Of The Training

The philosophy of the training is based on the Cross, popularly tagged: “Training to die”. The content is discipleship and character training. These, then, are the goals of training:
  • Sound biblical knowledge
  • Spiritual growth
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Cross-cultural missionskills
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Team building skills
  • Practical and relevant skills
  • Effective living

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School Activities

Our range of training programmes

For the past 44 years, CAPRO has been involved in mobilizing, training and sending missionaries to unreached people groups. CAPRO is committed to working with the Body of Christ to ensure that Christ’s undiluted message of love and transformation reaches the neglected and forgotten peoples of our generation.

The first formal session of what is now called the School of Missions took off in 1982 with six trainees. It was more like life-coaching than a school; under the leadership of Uncle Bayo Famonure. The School is now relocated to its present site still in GanaRopp on the other side of the river.
The training duration was very short compared with what we have now. It has undergone several adjustments overtime. Presently the duration is 12 months of intensive interaction, drills, coaching and mentoring.
The Training Officers
Several training officers have come on board to enhance the effectiveness of the training and they majorly concerned themselves with the general welfare of both the trainers and the trainees. The current training officer is Herbert Akparanta while the Principal of the School of Missions is Taiwo Olatunji.
Over the period of forty years since its inception the School has admitted over 800 persons coming from thirty four different denominations and ministries as at the time of writing.
The School Fees
Calvary Ministries is a faith based organization; this is reflected in her activities even in the training school. At each point the amount charged is not adequately sufficient to cater for the running of the school. The ministry is aware that most people coming into training do not have a strong support base.
Entry Qualification
A successful candidate into the school of missions must pass the following test. Must have a call/persuasion to do Missions work. Love for the unreached people. Must have a minimum of WAEC certificate.

Do you have a call to serve God among the unreached and other cultures?

Latest From Blog

My belief, values and character have changed. I have learned how to live communally, how to relate freely with people of different backgrounds. My understanding about God has been broadened by my bible studies and doctrines; thus deepening my communion with Him.
Moise Student CAPRO
A deeper grasp on the Person of Christ and being equipped with the knowledge requisite for correct ministry are two aspects this training has impressed on me.
Lanre Student CAPRO
Learning how to reach the unreached, notably the strategies.
Julia Student CAPRO
I have been equipped with the tools and have a better knowledge of how to reach out to the unreached no matter their cultural background.
Joseph Student CAPRO
The training has instilled discipline in me both physically and spiritually. It has helped me discover my strengths and to work on my weaknesses as the Lord grants grace.
Joke Student CAPRO
My knowledge of the Word of God has deepened. I understand more and can even explain, contextually, the Scriptures.
Isa Student CAPRO
It has helped me to accept myself and other people’s culture and also to recognize God’s purpose for my life and how to pursue it.
Happy Student CAPRO
I have come to discover myself so much that some things I cherished and took pride in, were seen to be weaknesses. It has not been easy letting go of such habits; like being independent, accepting gifts from people, being quiet and wanting to always stay on my own. It’s been a transforming experience as I saw the need ...
Gift Student CAPRO
I’ve experienced tangible spiritual and intellectual growth that has transformed me greatly.
Emmanuel Student CAPRO
The training has given me a huge paradigm shift of doctrines, personal relationship with Man and God.
Danlami Student CAPRO
Character transformation, understanding of the Inductive Bible study method, understanding contextualization in reaching the unreached and getting my biblical doctrines right.
Damilola Student CAPRO
Change in my beliefs and doctrines.
Chinonso Student CAPRO
In the area of my spiritual life, in forming and maturing me to be conformed to the person of Christ and in the formation of my character.
Cecelia Student CAPRO
It has helped me thus far to have a firm standing in the faith and to truly understand my calling and the need to take the gospel to the unreached people groups.
Bridget Student CAPRO
Life and ministry properly directed, team work and spirit ingrained, improvement in my relational skills, spiritual disciplines enhanced.
Biola Student CAPRO